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Shafin K

Went for a float today, first one in about two months. I had forgotten the befits of floating. Coming out of the float I had a renewed focus, and clarity in my point of view and perspective. The peace and quiet was a great way to decompress release and relax. After the float walking down the street, there was an undeniable magnetic aura. All in all a very cool experience and worth a try.

Nol M

The place is a experience that changed my life. I’ve never be able to find my inner me until I floated. Its was so peaceful, clean, and relaxing. Lots of parking and great front deck person ways able to answer any questions. I would recommended it to anyone

Tesa K

I have a high stress life, and I feel like I never have time for myself. Float Sense offered that to me, a way to be alone with myself and to really unplug from life. It was the most relaxing experience I have ever had the pleasure of taking part in. In an hour and a half I felt years of stress and anxiety lifted off my shoulders, leaving me in a state of calmness and serenity. I would suggest anyone who is looking for a truly peaceful way of shutting off, this is one of the best things I have done for myself. The environment was clean and organized and they gave me a total run down of how it all works, and the science behind it. Thanks to the Float Sense team for my first float, and giving me a new outlook on what calmness truly is! I suggest every give it a shot, even if you think it’s not for you it will truly change your life for the best! Cheers.

Kendra W

I had a great experience at Float Sense! The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable, and everything was clean and orderly. There was a zen atmosphere which made it easy to relax, and they provided everything I needed from shampoo/conditioner to a blow dryer to slippers. Will definitely return!

Sonya R

In a world of distractions, confusion and chaos, sometimes the cheese must stand alone. With a high stress job and anxiety, friends had told me about floating for some time – I knew it affected people deeply, and I love new experiences. I finally decided to try it for the first time. Stepping into the space, a curtain closes out the traffic and noise from outside. The facilities are pristine, essential oils fill the space with calm fragrance, and their staff knowledgeable and welcoming. They answered a few general questions I had and explained to me to process.There are two rooms for floats, with a “dream pod” in each. They look like what I dreamed I’d see in the future as a kid, with blue light filling the inside. There are showers with pre and post-float cleansers, a hair dryer, robes, towels, plugs, and other accessories to make the float comfortable. The only warning is to be careful with getting water into your eyes or mouth – it’s painful.

A much needed escape from the world outside, and twenty minutes from home. I hope floating becomes something companies do together, families, partners – the value of reflection is truly priceless.

This space is also shared with holistic health practitioners, if you’re seeking other services. Thank you for creating this space and making Hastings Sunrise grow as a neighbourhood. Looking forward to exploring the magic of floating again.


10/10, I would float there again. I think this is a great idea for people who are dealing with mental or physical health issues. I also think it’s a good way to deal with problems or issues you’ve got going on. Along with that, it’s really, really relaxing. It’s like doing yoga without actually doing yoga. It was great! 🙂

Stephany D

I went and try for the first time today.I loved it helps relax a ton,i would recommend to anybody who have any kind of pain to try.

Janette S

We went for a float last week for the first time ever! The location is really clean and extremely welcoming! The Pods are a great size and very easy to use! We fell asleep for the first hour of our 1.5 hr float! As a mom having 1.5 hrs alone to relax is usually unheard of and then after my time was up, I got to shower alone uninterrupted to clean all the salt off. I left feeling amazing, rested and cannot wait to go again! It was a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend it to all our friends!

Melissa K

This was my very first float and it is an experience that is like no other! As soon as I walked in the doors, I was greeted with such warmth and hospitality. The atmosphere is calming and serene. I had no expectations prior to coming in for my treatment today and everything was great! 90 minutes goes by so fast and afterwards I was left feeling like I needed to do another float again to get more benefits out of it! Plus, the ginger tea I had after the float was delicious! Thank you Float Sense! So glad you now operate in both North and South Burnaby!

Ale B

Amazing experience, friendly environment, good location and pleasure customer service. Had couple of sessions, and today is my third one 🙂

Everyone should try this. Relaxing and place is really nice.

Shauna M

A great place to go to relax and take some time for yourself. If you haven’t tried it already you need to go! Friendly, knowledgeable staff and super clean. My boyfriend and I can’t wait to come back!

Neil G

If you want peace, or if you’re seeking what it is, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s that missing piece in my life, and I have found it.

Marie Ann P

I can’t wait to join! This is close to my home I want to go so bad…..

Heather van Mil

Had my first float today and it was AMAZING! I’m hooked!! Friendly staff, super clean facilities, fantastic experience. Will be back again!

Rahin G

I just experienced my first float at their new location in North Burnaby and I highly recommend it. I had no idea what to expect going in and, I must say, it was a nice break from the hustle of everyday life. After 90 minutes in the pod, I came out feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and recharged! I’m already looking forward to my next float and break from reality!

Travis E

My first time floating after looking into it for so long! Loved it and felt amazing! Definitely coming back! Thanks guys!!

Brandon C

I have been looking into float tanks for quite a while after first hearing about them on podcasts and did a lot of research prior to choosing Float Sense. I came for my birthday with a friend and we both loved it and will definitely return to this location. The attitude is very chill and promotes relaxation before you have even entered your float room. The staff was very friendly and willing to answer any questions though with the great introduction we really didn’t have any questions. Everything was clean, serene and I loved it!


Lovely first time float experience. Relaxing and quiet atmosphere. Place is clean with spacious tank and private showers. Staff is polite and knowledgeable.

Mike G

Had a great float last night at float sense. The facility is very clean and organized and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Really liked the oasis tanks they have there, so far my favorite after a few floats in other tanks. My float experience was most excellent and the more I float the more I get lost in all that is possible in there. I can’t wait to go again, I think I’m hooked!!

Alanna K

Very clean and the staff (2 co-owners) are very down to earth and knowledgeable. Floating helps me feel love from the universe and calms feelings of anxiety, fear and irrational thinking. it helps me be positive and gives me energy to wake up early which I haven’t had in a long time. good for strengthening immune system and meditation. spiritual and physical benefits. I recommend this to everyone, whether you have chronic pain, anxiety and depression, addiction problems, want to be more happy and positive, or have more energy and be more at peace. Life can be very hard, give yourself a break!

Akemi W

Thanks again Craig. Both my friend and I really enjoyed our floats at Float Sense. That night I had one of the deepest sleeps I’ve had in years, and days later I feel I have less muscle tension in my shoulders and back. We’ll be back soon.

Becky B

Extremely welcoming and relaxing environment. Very thorough and easy to follow instructions as to “how do I do this?!?!”. Loved the float!! I’ll be back for sure! The perfect way to treat yourself / gift for someone special / spend a relaxing day with someone / recover from injuries / de-stress / meditate. It’s really for everyone!

Fern M

I had never Floated before, and I was full of curiosity and seemingly silly questions. All of my questions were carefully answered with a smile, and I was given a tour of the spa and how everything works. The facility is so clean, and everything I needed was there. I loved the experience, and I’d recommend anyone who is curious about it to try Float Sense for their first float (or second, third, etc!).

Lily M

I had an amazing experience during my first float! Regular baths just won’t be the same anymore!! Thank you both for your hospitality! I’ll be back!

Michelle B

I had my first float this week, as someone that is recovering from a car accident I wondered if this would help with some of the aches and pains. I haven’t had such a relaxing experience in my life. After a 90 minute session I came out feeling like I had just a nice relaxing nap. And now 2 days later my back and neck are still feeling great. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, the facility is very calming and clean. If you are thinking out trying this out I highly suggest you do.

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