10 Things For A First Time Floater!
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Nicollette Nettnay July 31, 2017
10 Things For A First Time Floater!
  1. Don’t rush to this appointment! This is not a meeting with a client or a visit to the salon!
    Take your time. Let yourself wander and relax before you arrive. Smell the wild bush of lavender on the walk from the train station, treat yourself to a caffeine free herbal tea, or even attend a yoga class beforehand. Anything to help you relax and release the stress of the world around you before you climb into that tank.
  2. If you haven’t tried Kava, this could be a great time to give it a shot. (HA!)
    Float sense has paired up with Zend Conscious Lounge and offers Kava at both locations. It is a natural elixir that aids in relaxation and is, in some cases, used as a sedative. It has also been used to treat cases of anxiety. This is by no means comparable to medicine or alcohol, but will have you feeling nice and “smushy” before your float.
  3. People, your hair is going to get wet.
    If you wear makeup, it is going to come off. If you have vibrant coloured hair, the salt will affect it. The best way to show up for your float is in as natural a state as possible, because that’s the way you’ll be leaving. They have showers in each room to help you cleanse yourself of the day and prepare for your float with shampoo and body wash scented with calming essential oils to relax you from the outside in. (and a hair dryer in the bathroom to dry off with afterwards!)
  4. This is a private experience.
    You have an entire private room with a locking door to prepare for your float. If you’re still not sure you’ll be comfortable nude, bring a swimsuit to wear inside.
  5. Getting in and out.
    Might be a little comparable to how we all came into this world. What I mean by this is that you open the door to the float tank, and turn around, to ease yourself in bottom first. Then you close the door behind you, if you wish of course, it can stay open if that is what you require to feel safe. Once you’re inside, you’ll turn around so your head is nearest to the door.
  6. Fear of small spaces?
    Me too! I was able to relax and shake off that feeling almost immediately. There is the option of soft mood lighting, to keep you from being in pitch black. The ear plugs help keep the echo of the tank from getting in your head (as well as the salt!). I simply did some deep breathing to adjust to the humid feeling, and after less than a minute I felt both free and safe.
  7. It is cleaner than your bathtub.
    Rest assured, the cleansing process between clients is more than sanitary. The water is filtered 3 times between each float, as well as a sanitizer and UV light is used. Not the mention, the Epsom salts that keep you buoyant during your meditation act as a natural disinfect as well! That’s part of the reason it is recommended to not shave before your session, lots of salt can sting little cuts.
  8. Afterwards.
    No need to count down the moments until your session is complete. Soft and subtle music will fade in when it is time to get out of the tank. You can rinse off the salt with the after float body wash and conditioner, scented with invigorating essential oils to help you feel revitalized. Then it’s time to wrap up in a cozy robe and make your way into the bathroom suite; equipped with everything from home!
  9. Lounge and feel feelings.
    This location was featuring some of the most touching work I’ve ever seen; wonderfully talented mixed media portrait artist. Staring at these expressive faces before and after my meditation made me feel connected to the rest of the world on a very emotional and deeply personal level.
  10. It is an Experience like no other.
    Each of us will both seek and take something different from these float sessions. The important thing here is to honour the process and allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of absolutely nothing.

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