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We are pleased to announce that we will reopen on July 3, 2020; we appreciate your patience and look forward to see you all soon. Please review our Covid Protocol and Liability Release terms & condition for further details.

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What Is Floating?

During a float you are suspended effortlessly in a super saturated solution of Epsom salt and water within a light and sound controlled environment that reduces sensory stimulation and effectively suspends the effects of gravity on the central nervous system. The air and water within the tank’s unique environment are maintained at a constant skin temperature and after a few minutes you lose the awareness of where the body ends and the water begins. Combining this weightless effect with no sight or sound; your body & mind are guided to fall into a deep relaxation and recovery. Each session is close to 90 minutes in length but most recall the experience as feeling much shorter. Those practicing floating regularly have shown to spark benefits in a multiple areas of health, well-being and mindfulness.

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Our Story

Float Sense was created from a combination of passion for personal growth, well-being and essence belief in the benefits of Floatation Therapy. Our vision is to connect each guest of the floating community with a welcoming sanctuary of peace, relaxation and growth. We believe there are no restrictions bound to an individual who can find their inner self and no limit to the scope of positive development.

Our Mission

To enhance overall quality of life, advance personal growth and boost physical/mental health to fit each person through the practice of floatation tanks (also called sensory deprivation tanks or float tanks).

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