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Devon French

Devon French has been teaching in the city for the last nine years and has established himself as a household name.Always exploring new ways to challenge his body and mind, having studied a variety of disciplines ranging from Yoga, Acrobatics, Boxing, Dance and many more, he now fuses all the information to provide a deep insight into people’s practices. Devon believes taking time to decompress is a vital part of any movement practice. Floating is one of the best ways he has found to relax the nervous system and calm the body and mind. If you see him around at either of the locations, be sure to say hello!

Shauna Mathieson

Shauna has worked in Education for the last 12 years. She has worked with youth throughout her career and has volunteered her time as a coach and sponser for various teams.

In April 2015 she tried her first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. After returning home she signed up at East Van Bjj along side head coach Walter Buse. Now working towards being a competitor. Outside of training she enjoys being active outdoors and enjoying the city.

She believes floating is vital for her mental health, gaining clarity and allowing one to focus. “Daily stresses can be overwhelming at times. I find floating brings an inner peace that I can’t quite describe, but it’s a wonderful feeling.

If you see Shauna around, be sure to say hello!

Megan Isabella

Megan has an Undergraduate Degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences with a Major in Conservation Biology. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Sustainable Forest Management at UBC. Her passion and focus include taking care of the planet, conserving natural resources, and ensuring sustainable use for future generations. She is a vegetarian and advocates the diet for “ethical, environmental, and personal health reasons.”

Floating has played a huge role throughout my University studies. It allows me to gain insight and mental clarity while reducing stress and fatigue that I endure on a day to day basis as a student, especially during exam week

Megan currently resides in Vancouver, and can been seen quite frequently at either location. If you see her around, be sure to say hello.

Ratharam Siva

Ratharam placed second in the World Poker Tour Montreal in 2014 and is considered to be one of the best professional poker players in the world. After graduating from University of Waterloo in 2012 he began to travel the world and coach and play poker professionally full time.

Ratharam heard about Float tanks in 2015 and began the practice of “floating” weekly. “It helps with maintaining my high levels of focus for long durations in a high stakes environment. Paying attention to minor details, betting patterns and human psychology all work together to gain my edge. Floating has increasingly raised my awareness when making precise actions and gaining patience at the table.”

Siva is currently living in Vancouver and coaching a team of six. If you see him at one of the Float Sense locations, be sure to say hello.

Michelle Lynn

Michelle has been a Reflexologist since she graduated from the Holistic Health Program in 2009. In 2010 she became a certified doula after following her interest in supporting women during pregnancy and birth. She believes in the ability to experience childbirth as a joyful event where one learns how to access the subconscious mind through hypnosis. Last year she became a mother herself and is currently discovering the joys and challenges of motherhood.

“When the opportunity came to experience floating, I was drawn to it. I was also curious as to how I would react being in a light & soundproof tank without distractions and no senses. Well, it was exactly what I needed – time for myself while also finding a sense of inner peace and true relaxation. To say I would recommend floating for any busy mom needing to find balance between child care and herself is an understatement. It did wonders for my constant sleep deprivation! Through my experience, it took at least the first few tries to reach the level of deep relaxation I now aim for in my current practise. What a refreshing feeling to carry on my day with more energy and mental clarity.”

Michelle currently lives in North Vancouver and Vancouver Island while being a regular at the North Burnaby location. Making friends in the welcoming float community can be fun, say hello to Michelle on your next float if you see her!

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