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Keira Anne November 23, 2015
Finding Balance at Float Sense

The concept behind floating is nothing new – floatation therapy has been practiced for more than 40 years – but until this week it was certainly new to me. I was recently invited by Float Sense to experience it for myself, and can say it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

Float Sense, located in central Burnaby, is one of the newest Floatation therapy clinics to open up in Greater Vancouver. Their concept is based on the notion of Relax, Recover, and Recharge. Float Sense prides itself on providing its clients with the opportunity to take part in what’s known as Floatation REST. REST is an acronym for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy.

Randy Nyholt &
Anyssa Carruthers
October 9, 2015
Top 5 Health Benefits on Cryotherapy

Float Sense is considering providing cryotherapy at our Centre! Since this is fairly new to Canadian soil, here are some information points on the topic:

Cryotherapy was developed in Japan in 1978 to treat rheumatoid arthritis, they refined what the Swedish and European cultures had been able to practice for years because of their climates. Also, many European countries have it covered by medical insurance. In the past 30 years, there has not been any adverse effects report with the use of the walk-in and multipurpose chambers. You wear protective garments and the 2-3 minute session is very tolerable other than getting the “pins and needles” sensation but it dissipates right away.

Amorose September 28, 2015
Peaceful Voyage

This was my first time trying a float tank and was very intrigued to find out how this worked. I suffer from headaches, migraines, and back pain from time-to-time. I was suffering from stiff neck pain on the day I came here. Float Sense is located in Burnaby, very close to Metrotown. When I entered the spa, a polite gentleman introduced himself and asked me if I was a first-time floater or an experienced floater. When he found out I was a first time floater, he explained everything to me and was very patient with all my questions. He asked me to take off my shoes and I changed into a pair of slippers they provided. He took me around and showed me the place, and brought me to my sensory tank room. Inside the room was a flotation tank, a shower stall with shampoo, body wash and conditioner, several towels, and a robe. Near the tank were ear plugs (in case you wanted to float with ear plugs to avoid the water getting in your ears), vaseline, and a water spray bottle (in case you rub the salt water into your eyes).

Anyssa Carruthers August 31, 2015
5 Reasons you should go float for your business

Last week I was invited to go and experience the service provided at Float Sense in Burnaby, BC. Since moving to the greater Vancouver area, I have seen many of the sensory deprivation tanks pop up and had started to do my research. Being a person who has just moved to a new town, moved from a two bedroom house to 300 sq ft plus a small office in Gastown.. I have been a little stressed. To add to the recovery of moving everything to the third floor of a three story WALK UP – I started working out with the free fitness project The November Project Boot Camp.. and of course I had to paddle board a few times ( summer is nearly over!). I do alot and because I have been rear ended three time I am constantly feeling like I am in recovery mode. Even new shoes ,can take me out for a day if I don’t start in them slowly.

My First Time

This week I tried floating for the first time. I’ve wondered about it since my friend told me a few years ago that it was his way to relax and escape from the outside world, to be completely alone with his thoughts. Spending time in an isolation tank and depriving my senses of stimulation peaked my curiosity.

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