Float spas are becoming a huge trend across North America – and I can see why
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Kendra Wingerter May 20, 2016
Float spas are becoming a huge trend across North America – and I can see why

When I first heard about floating, I was skeptical as to whether I’d enjoy 90 minutes of absolutely nothing to do. There is literally no stimuli at all; the tank secludes you into absolute darkness, the staff give you earplugs, and as you float your body gradually feels like it’s melting into the water. You are submerged into nothingness.

So yes, as I was saying, that description is something that I was initially skeptical about. Now that I’ve floated, I can honestly say that somehow, some way, the nothingness becomes pure bliss.

I have a busy schedule (like most of you reading this blog probably do) and as much as it pains me to admit it I’m glued to my phone throughout most of the day. I’m a fairly healthy person but have arthritis and chronic joint issues that often leave my body feeling achy and well… just plain old.

When I turned my phone off to enter into the tank it was, of course, right at the end of busy workday where I still had a million emails coming in. I was worried that it would be hard to let go of the outside world during my float and didn’t think that much could be done for my joints in only 90 minutes, but I was happily proven wrong.

While floating it was fairly easy to forget all the demands, requests, and expectations that I was currently facing in my life. I think it is rare that we go 90 minutes without someone or something demanding our attention, but those 90 minutes were all mine – it was a state of dissociation. Nothing was required of me except my being.

I think that this is hugely important for everyone, especially people who don’t like “turning off” or who rarely do. It’s kind of like a reset button for your mind, all your stress melts away and so does the tension in your muscles.

When floating your body just naturally aligns, your posture is supported in its natural form, giving your muscles a break from the dreaded computer-posture that most of us are constantly hunched into.

Ultimately my float experience allowed me a break from my hectic daily routine, it offered me peace of mind while soothing my aches and pains, which to me confirms the claim that it’s a great addition to a holistic lifestyle that’s focused on a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Until next time, Float Sense, namaste.

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