Peaceful Voyage

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Amorose September 28, 2015
Peaceful Voyage

This was my first time trying a float tank and was very intrigued to find out how this worked. I suffer from headaches, migraines, and back pain from time-to-time. I was suffering from stiff neck pain on the day I came here. Float Sense is located in Burnaby, very close to Metrotown. When I entered the spa, a polite gentleman introduced himself and asked me if I was a first-time floater or an experienced floater. When he found out I was a first time floater, he explained everything to me and was very patient with all my questions. He asked me to take off my shoes and I changed into a pair of slippers they provided. He took me around and showed me the place, and brought me to my sensory tank room. Inside the room was a flotation tank, a shower stall with shampoo, body wash and conditioner, several towels, and a robe. Near the tank were ear plugs (in case you wanted to float with ear plugs to avoid the water getting in your ears), vaseline, and a water spray bottle (in case you rub the salt water into your eyes).

I learned that we first use the shower to clean our bodies, then enter the water au naturel (ie, without swimwear). As I got into the water, I was pleasantly surprised that it was warm. It was very buoyant and I automatically floated since the staff said it was full of epsom salt! The water has a silky smooth texture to it, so it was like lying on a heavenly water bed. The tank was spacious, clean, and had lots of room.

I paddled slowly up and down the pod for a few seconds out of sheer curiosity. For the first 15 – 20 minutes, I was shifting quite a bit since this was such a new experience for me. While floating on my back, I realized that my body had to “learn” to relax. I didn’t realize how tense I was, until my body and limbs started to loosen up further into my float. I had the ear plugs on, and closed my eyes for most of the time. I occasionally opened my eyes to look out the tank door. My room was set on the dimmest light – a serene aqua-ish green light that you can control for its bright/dim setting.

For the rest of my session, I relaxed and let my mind wander. I imagined myself to be a time lord or cosmic traveler flying through the universe. Then I imagined myself to be an astronaut, then an underwater mermaid. The point is to stay awake and relaxed while maintaining a thoughtless state. My thoughts started to drift away near the middle of the session because I ran out of things to think about. I sometimes focused on the feel of the silky water along my fingers, arms, and legs. It was an incredibly relaxing feeling. The light heat of the water was helping my muscles to relax because I could feel the tension melt away – I felt like I was melting into the water. The cue for my session being over was when peaceful music gently came on inside the tank. As I got out, I was shocked to feel that the muscle stiffness and neck pain were gone! Usually, when I go for massages, it takes days to a week for the stiffness to go away. But the neck pain was gone after this 90 minute healing float.

After I got out, I showered and then headed out to enjoy a cup of complimentary tea/water provided by the staff. The staff didn’t push me to get a membership and were very welcoming with teaching me more about float therapy and its benefits. It was a rejuvenating and magical experience. I highly recommend you to come visit Float Sense and enter a peaceful voyage in their sensory deprivation tanks.

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